Our Strangely Quiet House

We cancelled our TV service. Effective Monday 4/19/10 we no longer watch TV in our house. Okay, we’re not totally without television entertainment. We upped our Netflix subscription to three movies at a time. We still have movies on the DVR to watch. But no more Dish Network.

Why did we choose this radical, maybe even un-American path? I could tell you it’s so Daniel will have more time to practice music and so I will have more time to write. Both those reasons are true. But the biggest reason? Money. Moo-lah. Coin. It’s all about the Benjamins, Baby.

With the $65 per month we have been giving to Dish Network for the privilege of sitting mindlessly absorbed while our dreams continue to pass us by, we can pay off two credit cards in the next six months. That translates into several hundred dollars saved in credit card interest. Oh, and we might gain a little ground on those dreams. Combine that with less credit card dept and I’m dancing a better happy dance than Snoopy. Yeah, okay, I know Snoopy’s happy dance rocks. But you get where I’m going with this.

We made a decision to quit talking about ways we can reach our goals of financial freedom and working seriously on our chosen arts. We acted. Scary and weird.

But I’m hopeful the outcome will be worth the serious jones I’m having right now for Criminal Minds…


2 thoughts on “Our Strangely Quiet House

    1. We’ve been thinking about it for a few months and decided to just give it a try. So far Wednesday night has been the most difficult-I L.O.V.E. Criminal Minds. But I can always order the season from Netflix once it’s available. I doubt this will last into football season, though.

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