CSFF Blog Tour Day Two

Today I’d like to point folks to Robert Treskillard’s review of The Wolf of Tebron from yesterday. He digs deeply into the story to discuss the allegory. He also touches on the theology. I find his review very interesting, pointing out things about the story I did not notice.

While I can admit that if you dig as deeply into the story as he did, some of the same points bother me-namely the lack of repentance-but I read the story in a much lighter way. But that’s just the way I read.

Ruyah as representative of Christ doesn’t bother me, though I can see how it would if you look at it more than at it’s surface.  That Ruyah watches Joran even before Joran tries to communicate with Ruyah comforts me. Brings to mind God is always there, watching, close, available, involved.

I hope you will visit the other tour participants. The varying thoughts and opinions will no doubt give you something to think about.



5 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour Day Two

  1. Thanks, Carol, for sending people my way. I wish I had read it more lightly … I think I would have enjoyed it more. Ruyah really is a neat allegory/metaphor for God’s love for us … his care, and I think you explain that well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Robert, and for your comment. I have always envied those who can analyze literature so deeply. I’m enjoying other posts on your blog as well.

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