Ahhh…A Clean Desk

I spent the better part of two hours going through the clutter hiding the top of my desk. Wow! What a difference just a tiny bit of organization makes in  my outlook. I can now work in that space.

I also cleaned and organized my computer desk.

Looking at my nice, organized writing space makes me feel like…well…writing. Woo! Hoo! Love opening the curtain behind my computer desk so I can see the evergreens behind the house. Something about that view feeds my creativity.

You probably noticed I didn’t show pictures of the rest of the room. That’s because the clutter I moved from my desk had to go somewhere. Cleaning and organizing project for later this month-buy some bookshelves and de-clutter and re-organize the rest of my office.

What does your writing/creative space look like? Is it organized in a way that inspires you to work? Or at least doesn’t hinder? What about your space feeds your creativity?


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