Pondering the Future

Been thinking a lot about the future, what I want it to be and how I can work towards that vision. There are certain things I need to give up, certain old dreams that I never realized and now understand are no longer my dreams. But there are certain old dreams that linger and beg for attention.

Writing lingers, most of the time dormant, in the back of my mind. That’s one dream that just won’t let go of me. I’ve tried to shake it off. I’ve tried to ignore it. But I can’t. So I’ll pull that dream out once again, dust it off, feed it, and hope it grows.


One thought on “Pondering the Future

  1. I read a column a few weeks ago that suggested that by just writing down your goals, they become more tangible and you’re more likely to accomplish them. I love this in the context of writing: just by physically writing your goals on paper, you start with your goal of writing and you set yourself to accomplishing the goal! Make sense?

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