Goals, Not Resolutions

New Years Resolutions-seems like it’s almost mandatory this time of year to lay out some ‘thou shalts’ for the coming year. But who actually follows through on those? Anyone? Me? Nope, never have. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that anything I label as a New Years Resolution will, in fact, fall by the wayside no later than January 15 of the given year.

But I do want to set some goals for myself that build on the goals I set and reached the last quarter of 2011. So how do I do that without incurring the New Years Resolution jinx? Maybe I can call them the ‘Continuation of 2011 Q4 Goals Based on Year End Reassessment.’ Catchy.

Whatever I call them, here they are:

1) Finish WIP by 1/31/12

2) Finish the rough drafts of two novels by 12/31/12

3) Blog three times each week

4) Enter Genesis

5) Write and submit six short stories by 12/31/12

That’s a lot of writing, a lot. I know I can do it. Setting and reaching monthly word count goals over the last three months of 2011 have given me some confidence. I have also learned from the experience that writing makes me a better writer. (Gee, where have I heard that before…)

That’s it-my list of goals for 2012.

Do you have any? Want to share?


2 thoughts on “Goals, Not Resolutions

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Valerie. In order to help keep me on track, I plan to do a recap or update once a month.

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