Honesty Versus Kindness

If you’re sitting at a local coffee shop having a cup with a friend do you tell her she needs to wipe her nose? What about if you notice your co-worker’s pants are unzipped after he returns from a break, what do you say? Do you tell your BFF if her jeans really do make her butt look bigger?

Okay, just to make this clear, if you see me and I need to wipe my nose, please tell me. Please.

Maybe the trickier situation is when your friend is an artist, let’s say a singer, and she sings a song that just isn’t suited to her voice. How do answer that when she asks your opinion? Or what if she doesn’t ask your opinion?

In the world of hypothetical situations or vague blog posts it’s easy to decide. But in reality? It’s hard for me. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s especially hard when the event is already public, when the embarrassment factor multiplies exponentially.


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