One Third Down, Two Thirds To Go

Wow-hard to wrap my head around how fast the first one third of 2012 flew past me. The year left my goals and me in the dust back, oh, around February 1.

But, the good news? Two thirds of 2012 remains, holding my hand, patting my back, saying “There, there, dear. It’ll be okay.”

Time to revamp.


I’ve reassessed where I’m at with my writing. (I hear my mother’s voice saying “Behind the at!”) And I’ve adjusted my 2012 goals.

Here they are:
    Blog three times a week.
    Complete one more novel length draft.
    Complete six short stories.
    Submit at least two short stories for publication.
    Attend an average of one MTCW meeting per month.
    Attend Killer Nashville conference this fall.


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