Going Forward

Planning some changes to my blog. Over a month ago I mentioned that I realize my blog lacks focus. I’ve spent some time trying to figure out what focus I can bring. I’ve come up with a couple of ideas. One, dogs…I’m crazy about dogs, animal rescue, dog training, responsible pet ownership. So, I plan to post articles about dogs and dog training. I’m also currently getting in shape and losing weight. Therefore, I plan to post about fitness and health, about regaining fitness in middle age, running, and road races.

On my birthday, September 16, I plan to start a new page on the blog called ‘Fit by Fifty.’ Next Sunday I turn 48. My goal is to reach my goal weight of 120 pounds by next summer and run a whole marathon by my 50th birthday. I’ll chronicle that journey on my new page.

I will also post about my writing journey from time to time. But that won’t be the focus of the blog.

My plan is to post two days a week to start-one day about dogs and one day about fitness. So stay tuned-posts are coming later this week.


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