World’s Worst Dog Mom

Go ahead and engrave the trophy. I’m the world’s worst dog mom. At least I feel that way.

We left Jack and Jade out of their crates yesterday while we were at work. First time since we’ve had them they were uncrated while we were gone that long-about 10 hours. Successful experiment! Yay!

Then this morning happened. I failed them. Sigh…

Jade’s not only a finicky eater, she’s a food guarder. I know this.

Queue my failure.

She wouldn’t eat her breakfast so I gave her a large Milk Bone. Didn’t want her to go all day with an empty stomach.

She ate the Milk Bone.

Then I walked behind her, putting her between Jack and me with really tasty Milk Bone crumbs on the floor between her and Jack.

Jack, the canine vacuum, did what canine vacuums do. He scarfed up the crumbs like be hadn’t eaten in a week.

My immediate-read “stupid”-reaction was to jump toward them while yelling, “Jack! No!”

Jade’s immediate reaction-read “expected behavior from a resource guarding dog”-was to snap, growl, and pin Jack down.

So, yeah, back in the crates today. I’m just praying my careless behavior doesn’t undo the hard work of the past year.



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