Countdown to ORT: Day 11

So we’ve hit the ridiculous point here.

Monday night Jack and I get mildly skunked. But really is there any such thing as getting mildly skunked? If you count that the business end of little stinky pants pointed away from us so we just got the blow back, then, yeah, I guess that’s mildly skunked.

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, gets that taste out of your mouth.

Praying Jack’s nose still works. I’m going to give him a couple of easy hides tonight to see how it goes.

This morning I crunch the index and middle fingers of my right hand in the window as I’m closing it. Thankfully I’m left-handed. But really, eleven days before my FIRST EVER DOG SPORTING EVENT!

What can I do but laugh?

It’s all good. We will have fun regardless of the outcome.


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