Cutting the Cable Television Cord

As of 1030 central time we cut the cable TV cord. Not only will this save us about $80 per month it shortens the list of excuses we both make for not doing other, more important things. 

Yes, we will still watch TV. I bought a digital antenna from Amazon for about $25 so we still get our local channels. We have a Smart TV which gives us simple access to multiple streaming sources. We both have tablets.

But we are now forced to narrow our viewing focus. Instead of channel surfing, we must now be a little more intentional about our viewing. 

And, yes, I do understand we’re both adults and could have chosen to do this while still paying Comcast almost $1000 per year for cable TV. But we didn’t. So now we must. 

We tried this experiment a few years ago. We both got so much more done. But we missed our local programming too much. Especially during football season. But with this digital antenna we can watch some football without the time killer of all those other channels. 



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