Nose Work, Food Puzzles, and Clicker Training Update

Watching dogs solve problems using their noses and hunting skills amazes me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because humans can’t do it? Whatever the reason, that moment when a dog gets on scent is unmistakable. Then watching as he narrows down the area until he pinpoints source odor. Just nothing like it.

If you think bomb or drug sniffing dogs are no big deal, go watch a scenting dog work. You absolutely will change your mind. The level of trust the handler places in that dog-wow! 

Food puzzles are fun too. Introduced Damon to food puzzles tonight. He figured it out quicker than Jack or Jade did. Although since I don’t know his past, maybe he has seen them before. 

Jade loves food puzzles. She dances when I get them out and start loading them. It’s kind of funny to see a 70 pound German Shepherd mix jumping up and down for a food puzzle. 

Still just doing some very basic name response work with the clicker with all three. All three are very resposive to the clicker. 

Tomorrow, back to Damon’s work for CGC test. 


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