Nose Work Practice

Set up a Nose Work run for Jack tonight. Decided it was time to stop being such a slacker. 

Jack completely surprised me. Figured he would be pretty rusty, but nope. He rocked it like a boss!

I set 4 hides: 2 birch, 1 anise, and 1 clove. The one I though would give him the most trouble, he found first. Of course.

2014-09-04birch I thought this would be difficult because the source was completely hidden under the upside down flower pot. 

Next he found the second birch hide. Granted it was pretty close to the hide he’d just found.

2014-09-04birchThis one was only partially hidden. I thought he was going to walk past it, but he caught scent and followed it to source very quickly.

He worked his way back into the garage to find anise next.

2014-09-04aniseFor anise I used one of my new hanging hide containers from K9 NW Source. (Highly recommended for NW supplies!)

Jack walked past this one a few feet, caught scent, then came back and worked from the floor up to settle right on it. 

His last find was clove. It was closest to the entrance, but not a true threshold hide. 

2014-09-04cloveThis hide actually seemed to give him a little more trouble than the other three. But he did find it after working scent from the other side of the garage. 

Here was the set up.



Nose Work rocks. So much fun watching the dog work scent to source. Nothing like it!


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