Nose Work Rocks

Nose work completely and totally rocks. I mean it. There’s just nothing like watching a dog use his nose to solve a puzzle. A puzzle that we puny humans can’t solve. We can just stand and be awed.

I read yesterday on Arson Dogs that dogs can detect  scents in parts per quintillion. Yeah, that’s parts. per. quintillion. That’s hardcore.

Worked Jack tonight on some single birch container hides, but made each hide a little more difficult. Or what I thought was more difficult. He didn’t seem to think so. Guess I’m going to have to try harder.

Worked Jade and Damon on single food hides, also containers. Jade is starting to get excited about searching. Damon’s enthusiasm is off the charts. He LOVES it!

Hoping to start training with a couple of other people so I can start trialing Jack, and maybe Damon, next year.

Will record some of our training soon.


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