Observations While Scooping Poop

Sometimes in order to make unpleasant tasks tolerable, I let my mind wander, and wonder, while working. Scooping the dog poop out of the yard is one of those unpleasant tasks. Over the weekend I found myself making some interesting observations about how sometimes poop parallels life.

  • Clean up your own messes
  • Often, the fresher the mess, the easier it is to clean
  • Sometimes the mess is hard to see until you step in it
  • Some messes smell worse than others, but most of them stink
  • Just because a mess has been there for a while doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it up
  • The more frequently you clean up the messes, the fewer messes there are to clean
  • There’s often at least slight evidence of where the mess was, but it fades with time

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