(Not at All) Wordless Wednesday; From Shelter to Home

Last May as part of my volunteer work for Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control (MACC) I handled Damon, a pitbull mix up for adoption at the shelter, for Mayor’s Field Day 2014.

He was so stinkin’ cute and so great with the kids. One family took a particular interest in him, both children and both moms visiting with him multiple times throughout the day. I just knewΒ they would adopt him.

Damon at Nashville's Mayor's Field Day in May 2014.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this poster on Stand By Your MACC’s Facebook page the following week.

Damon Became Urgent

The family didn’t adopt him. In fact, he was on the urgent list meaning he would be at risk for euthanasia the next week if not adopted or pulled by rescue.*

Not gonna happen.

The following Saturday, Daniel and I drove to MACC and adopted Damon.



And we’ve never looked back.

Damon has now completed two basic obedience classes and earned his Canine Good Citizen title. He plays ball with his Border Collie brother Jack. He and his German Shepherd mix sister Jade coexist peacefully most of the time. Can’t imagine our family without him.

*All four dogs on the urgent list that week made it out of the shelter. With the hiring of a new shelter director later in 2014 time limits on adoptable pets were abolished.Β 




26 thoughts on “(Not at All) Wordless Wednesday; From Shelter to Home

  1. Thank God all of those babies made it out of the shelter in time! And I’m so happy to hear the time limits have been done away with. It upsets me SO much when shelters euthanize adoptable pets. Every companion deserves a good home.

    I’m really glad that you adopted your baby, and it’s wonderful that he fits so well into your family. πŸ™‚

  2. congrats to the both of you! I guess it was meant to be. And I think it’s awesome you are being such a great mom by taking him to classes to be the best little pibble he can be!!

  3. I have tears of happiness going on here! I’m soooo glad you saw his photo so you were able to go get him and give him a loving home. Hurray for Damon, and hurray for you and your family! πŸ™‚

  4. It’s funny how things work out like that; from just knowing that he was going to be adopted to stumbling onto his face on facebook like that. So glad you were able to rescue him; he’s beautiful and he’s obviously very well behaved (congrats on the canine good citizen title!)and it’s clear that you’ve made him a part of your family πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome! Happy for you and your newest family member, and congratulations on the Canine Good Citizen! Our four still don’t have theirs.

  6. Love this story. You saved his life… what a lucky boy! Our local shelter also just hired a new director who is making changes for the best β€” so glad to see that this is becoming a trend! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Seems many shelters are making changes. It definitely takes a lot of community support and dedication.

  7. I’m so glad that you were there for Damon. He seems like the most adorable, sweet dog. I’m sure that he will be there for you whenever you need him to be πŸ™‚ Great story!

  8. Oh my goodness! What a great story. It was meant to be for you and your family. Damon is one handsome and lucky man.

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