First Draft in 60 Days

My friend, Kaye, started a series on her blog ten days ago that is just what I need. She challenged herself and her writing friends to complete the rough draft of a novel in 60 days. If you’re interested check out her site here.

The first assignment is to answer six questions. So here I go.

1. Why do you want to write?

I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to write. I’ve tried to give it up many times, but I just can’t. I don’t know why.

2. What will finishing this project in sixty days mean to you? Do you think that completing this challenge will change you? How?

Finishing this project will boost my writing confidence. I think increased confidence in a dream is life changing by definition.

3. If this is your first attempt at completing a manuscript, how do you think finishing it will impact your life? OR, if you’ve completed multiple manuscripts, what will finishing another one mean to you?

I’ve completed one novel rough draft and almost completed another. Again, a matter of writing confidence, of self confidence, of truly giving my dream all I’ve got.

4. What will happen if the people closest to you don’t understand, support, and encourage you during this challenge?

Thankfully my husband supports and encourages my writing.

5. Imagine how you will feel on October 31 knowing that you’ve completed this challenge. How can you use that  to motivate you during the next sixty days?

I long for that feeling of accomplishment. To call myself a writer and have the manuscript to prove it-that’s motivation!

6. What is the ONE thing you think you’re going to need the most to help you accomplish your goal for this challenge?

Honestly? To stay out of my own way.



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