Friday Favorites

Since I really enjoy Friday Favorites posts on other people’s blogs, I thought I’d join the fun. Every Friday I’d mention a few of my favorite things. And, yes, there will be recipes involved.

Potato Wedges
When I started trying to cook more so we would eat out less, one thing Daniel really missed was potato wedges. You know, those greasy, completely unhealthy things you can get at pretty much any grocery deli. So, off to Pinterest I went. Seriously, how may recipes for potato wedges can there be? Found one to try. While a little time consuming, it’s very simple, and very, very delicious. Also pretty versatile. You can change up the taste based on which seasonings you use. Click here to find the recipe.

My iPad Air 2
Yeah, I love this thing. Full disclosure: this is the first Apple product I’ve used. I’ve been a PC and Android woman all along. But when my desktop computer died, I needed a quick and easy solution. Since my Android tablet was upgrade eligible at Verizon, I decided to try the iPad. Of course I read reviews and played with the store demo first. But I think I made the right decision. In fact I’ve decided to save my money for a MacBook Air instead of buying another PC desktop.

International Delight Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer
Seriously, y’all, it’s so much better than Coffee-Mate’s version of the winter favorite. It’s much more pepperminty. If you enjoy Peppermint Mocha check it out.

What are some of your current favorites? What item have you discovered recently you can’t imagine ever going without?


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