Dog Training: Stop Door Rushing

The great “train the dogs not to rush the door when someone rings the doorbell” exercise starts in earnest.

I plan to use the clicker training techniques I learned in the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations course I took this spring.

My goal is that when the doorbell rings, all three will go to their “place” which will be a mat in the floor. It will probably take a little while to be reliable, but definitely worth it.

I think to start, I’ll train them separately. The once they gain some degree of consistency, I’ll train them all together.

Do you use a “place” type cue with your dogs? What situations do you use that cue?


4 thoughts on “Dog Training: Stop Door Rushing

  1. Hi Carol,

    Yes it is that time to really get this training down, especially if you are the house were everyone will be gathering for a great meal. Clicker training is great because the sound is always consistent. Once you feel they have confidence and start training them together, be sure to add distractions too, as there will be many distractions as people are coming and going.

    Thanks for sharing this. It is a great reminder even if your dog is trained to do this a little reminder practice with distractions is a great practice before the holiday visitors arrive.

    Great post. I will be sure to share this reminder.

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