New Rosacea Treatment

So I’ve had rosacea for several years. Six or seven years ago I sought treatment. The dermatologist prescribed Metrogel which I used for several months. But it didn’t seem to help much. So I stopped using anything other than soap for sensitive skin and a fragrance and dye free moisturizer that is also a sunblock.

But lately the rosacea has been bothering me. Not just because it makes me very self conscious. But because it honestly hurts. My face often burns to the point of significant discomfort.

I went to a different dermatology provider this time. The last person I saw didn’t really take my concerns seriously. The nurse practitioner I saw this time took me very seriously. She prescribed Bionect each morning and Soolantra each evening.


I started the regimen Saturday. The photo above is right before my first application.

I plan to take pictures every week to document progress for my follow up dermatology visit on December 14.

Hoping so much this helps.



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