March Goal Update or How I Failed and Succeeded at the Same Time

Short answer to the question Did I meet my March goals? Nope.

But I did learn some stuff.

Recap-my March goals looked like this:

  • 2 days off writing per week
  • Add 3000 words to my story per week
  • Complete the draft of one article
  • Complete the draft of one short story
  • Install a word count tracker on my site
  • Research magazine markets

My March reality looked like this:

  • Most weeks took more than 2 days off writing
  • Added 8229 words to my WIP
  • Did not even work on an article
  • Managed a partial rewrite of a short story
  • Installed a StoryToolz word count tracker on my site
  • Ordered and received Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers 2016, no research yet

So even though I technically failed, here’s why I count the month a success. I set some reasonable goals and tracked them. Every weekend I looked back at the week to see where I was in relation to my goals. I’m going this monthly evaluation. This is more goal setting/evaluating than I’ve done in Y.E.A.R.S.

Takeaways include learning that I’m not really very good at working on several writing projects at once. At least not yet. I write better, or easier, away from the house. I’m much more easily distracted than thirty years ago. Furthering my writing involves things other than actually writing. I’ve missed reading. A lot. (I’m on Goodreads and participate in the reading challenge-plan to blog about it this week.) Goal setting is good for me. Success does not always look like a checked off to do list.

Did you set goals for March? Did you meet them? What did you learn from setting and evaluating your progress?




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