2018: My Year of FAITH

This is the third consecutive year I’ve chosen a theme word for the year. For 2016, my word was BRIGHT. Last year my word was PRESENT.

This year is my year of FAITH. I intend to explore faith in several facets, faith in God, faith in myself, faith in my dreams and goals. I intend to let go and have faith in the journey.

But I also expand that to associate an area of focus with each letter making up the word FAITH.

  1. F–Forgiveness and Friendship

Forgiveness-I struggle to forgive a specific person who hurt me deeply a few years ago. Her betrayal was real, but I have to learn to let go and forgive her. It’s hard. But I need to do it.

Friendship-I have some people who are friends, but not super close friends. Don’t misunderstand me, my husband is truly my best friend. But, sometimes I miss having a best girlfriend. Actually often. I intend to be a better friend. I intend to invite friends farther into my life, to become closer.


I long to know God is in control. That all things work together for good. I know it in my head, but I long to know it in my heart. I intend to spend much time in prayer about this.


I intend to live in unquestionable integrity in every area of my life.


I intend to spend time on things that are important to me and set aside things that are not. I also intend to manage my time better.


I choose to live in hope, hope for the future, hope for my dreams, hope in my knowledge of God, hope in the journey He’s leading me on.


So, 2018, my year of FAITH. My year of getting back to basics, of refocusing, of becoming my authentic self. 


Do you have a theme word or phrase for 2018? What is your focus for this crisp, new year? 




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