My New Obsession, I Mean Hobby

I’m learning to knit!! Finally. I’ve wanted to learn for a while, but as a total lefty, it’s hard to find good, simply, understandable instructions. Not only am I a lefty, but I’m more and more a visual/tactile learner as I get older. 

I’m super grateful for my friend Kaye (who is a knitter) who scoured YouTube to find a good video for me. After two false starts, I got going. And haven’t looked back!!

I am completely addicted to knitting! I love the feel of the yarn in my fingers, the click-clack of the needles, the growth of yarn into knitted fabric piling up in my lap. 

I hope my family is prepared. Many of them will receive hand knitted scarves and hats for Christmas this year. I can’t make myself stop!!


2 thoughts on “My New Obsession, I Mean Hobby

  1. YAY! I’m so happy that it’s finally working for you. 😀

    My mom taught me to crochet when I was young enough that I now don’t remember learning. But she never taught me to knit, not really being much of a knitter herself. So, when I decided I wanted to learn about 10 years ago, I did it from a children’s book published at the house where I was then working as an editor. I hadn’t discovered the wonder/joy/black hole that is YouTube knitting videos yet. I made tons of scarves and “lap blankets” those first couple of years. And even though I ended up ripping most of them out and re-balling the yarn to use for something else, the muscle-memory doing all of those created was priceless.

    There’s a lot of emerging psychological research out there about the benefits of hand crafts (knitting and crocheting included) on mental health. Which would explain why, after a long hard summer of seasonal affective disorder that hit me harder than usual this year, I have at least six or seven different crochet projects all going right now, and most people in my family will be getting handmade items for Christmas!

    1. I’m finding it super soothing. Which I need right now. But there’s something about it that makes me feel connected to history. Weird. It’s also something creative yet tangible. I need that right now, too. My next scarf I want to incorporate purl stitch. 🙂 You may have created a monster when you found that video for me!! LOL

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