Kitchen Purge Begins

Since we moved up our RV launch date, we’ve had to get serious about purging. The goal is to complete one full purge of the house by December 31. There will be at least two more rounds of purging in the first half of next year. At least two more.

Last week, I did a mini purge on my side of the closet and hauled a mountain of clothes to Goodwill.

This time, I chose the kitchen. I want to complete one round of purging in the kitchen by Sunday. But here’s what purging one cabinet looks like. This is what it looked like before.

It took maybe thirty minutes to pull everything out of the cabinet and cull. Here’s what went from the cabinet to the yard sale pile.

Seriously, how did we accumulate so much stuff that we so seldom use I forgot some of it was there! Unlike the clothes, which went to Goodwill, these items are in the corner of the garage awaiting the September yard sale.

Here’s what the cabinet looks like after the purge.

The cookware set will go once we are ready to live in the RV. I need them for the next 17 months. I couldn’t part with the Pampered Chef pizza stone I’ve had for almost 20 years just yet. I love that thing. It will have to go once we transition to RV life. It is large and will not fit in any cooking device in an RV.

My bio-father made the wooden salad bowl. It is also huge. But I can’t let go of it just yet. I may end up keeping it. I’m not sure yet. It’s not practical at all. But it is a great salad bowl, and honestly has some sentimental value. I have 17 months to think about it.

Have you ever done a whole house purge of your stuff? How did it feel? Are you glad you did it?

This is somewhat emotional. But it has to be done. And, honestly, most of the stuff feels good to get rid of. However, I am saving most of the sentimental stuff for last. I’m not quite ready to face all that just yet.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Purge Begins

  1. I did a major purge to move cross country when I moved here and gave away tons of stuff and filled dumpsters at least 3 times. Now I’m starting the purge to downsize into smaller quarters, though not as small as an RV. One of the most painful are the books, the 7+ bookcases worth. Since I’m now pretty much on Kindle, it is less painful, but still like giving up my friends. But, I’ve done it before and will do it again. BTW, my Aunt and Uncle did the RV life before it was popular and enjoyed it tremendously. Later on, they settled into a mobile home park, still sort of living that minimalist lifestyle.

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