Oats and Peanut Butter and M&Ms. Oh My!

I played Holly Homemaker today and made our snacks for next week.

I’m tired of paying so much for protein bars and trail mix when it’s so easy to make them at home. So while we were shopping today I bought a few supplies I didn’t already have on hand.

For our trail mix I poured a third of a bottle of roasted peanuts, half a bag of Bear Naked maple pecan granola, and half a sharable bag of M&M mini into a gallon storage bag and shook it up. Yum!

I found a very simple recipe online for no bake protein bars. Yes, of course I tasted before I put the mixture in the fridge to set. Delicious!

Since I already had peanut butter, honey, oats, and protein powder on hand, and I used the other half of the mini M&Ms from the trail mix these bars cost a fraction of a box of bars from the grocery. Plus, I will get 8-12 bars from this batch rather than the 5-6 I’m most grocery store boxes. Yay!

Do you make your own snacks? What’s your favorite afternoon snack?


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