Friday Fave

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Until we started researching full-time RV life, I had never heard of Berkey water filters. It seemed like almost every RVer we followed used or wished for a Berkey system. So, I started researching Berkey a little bit. 

The first thing I noticed was the price. Holy cow! Not cheap! I put the Berkey out of my mind. 

Except I couldn’t.

Everywhere in RV research land-Berkey, Berkey, Berkey!

I realized that in our RV travels we will likely go places that have less than clean water. Which is more cost-effective? Lay out the cash for a small Berkey system? Or miss out on life while laid up with dysentery? 

That kind of put things in perspective for me. 

Late last fall Berkey ran a sale, which they often do. For somewhere upwards of $350, but less than $400, I could get a Travel Berkey system with the filters and six Boroux water bottles. I saved for a bit and bought the system.

Best. Water. Ever. 

Daniel even drinks water now!

Worth. Every. Penny. 


The Travel Berkey holds about 1.5 gallons of water. We typically fill it twice per day. Sometimes more, sometimes only once. We keep the Boroux bottles in the fridge with cold, pure, filtered water.

We use this water to cook with, to make our coffee and tea with. Oh, and we drink it.

Once we are RVing we will use it to fill our dogs’ water bowl.

Do you have a water filtration system you love? Have you ever tried Berkey?


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