My Friday Fave is reMarkable!

Y’all, I love my reMarkable 2 tablet.

reMarkable 2

So many things about it are perfect for me. It’s lightweight. It’s easy to read in most light conditions. It’s file system makes sense. It’s versatile. It saves space.

You get the idea.

I first looked at this tablet based on the recommendation of my friend Kaye. She has the prior version and loves it.

Since we live and roam full time in our 24’ travel trailer I thought reMarkable could be a good solution to my paper notebook habit. I love to journal and have used composition notebooks for years as my journals. But with limited space I needed a new option.

I love to journal longhand and really didn’t want to journal in my phone’s notes or in Word. I love the feel of physically writing. Something about it feeds my creativity.

In the three months I’ve had my reMarkable 2 I have grown to value the options it gives me for writing whether it’s journaling, brainstorming, draft writing, or even planning.

And bonus-it’s lefty friendly! Yay!


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