My Friday Fave is reMarkable!

Y’all, I love my reMarkable 2 tablet. So many things about it are perfect for me. It’s lightweight. It’s easy to read in most light conditions. It’s file system makes sense. It’s versatile. It saves space. You get the idea. I first looked at this tablet based on the recommendation of my friend Kaye. She… Continue reading My Friday Fave is reMarkable!

Friday Favorite

Three words: Brittany Farina Art. Love her work. Love her style. Love that she gives back to animal rescue. Go here to check out the coloring book she created to support Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. And what about this one she did for Amazing Grace Horse Sanctuary-beautiful! I bought this tee shirt, necklace, and magnet a few months… Continue reading Friday Favorite

Friday Favorites

Today I have two faves to discuss. Camp NaNoWriMo Buying Wine in Grocery Stores   Camp NaNoWriMo First up let’s talk about Camp NaNo. For writers the whole NaNoWriMo phenomenon can be either supremely inspirational and motivating or completely overwhelming. The concept is simple-write a 50,000 word rough draft of a novel in one calendar… Continue reading Friday Favorites