Friday Favorites

I love working with and training dogs. But the past year and a half I haven’t worked with ours much. It’s showing. Sometimes things in life require attention, and that’s been the case for me. But now that life is normal and okay and good, it’s time to get back to working with the dogs.… Continue reading Friday Favorites

Let’s Go Sniff

Y’all know by now I’m enamored of all things canine scent detection. Nose Work, Barn Hunt, Tracking, Earth Dog-yep all of it. So I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve let Jack’s Nose Work training slide over the winter. All kinds of excuses slithered across my brain. Too cold. Too tired. Too much trouble with all three… Continue reading Let’s Go Sniff

When My Dog Became More Than “My Dog”

I’ve been trying for a week to figure out how to articulate something I’m sure many other dog people have experienced.  I’m equally sure many of those people have explained the phenomenon much better than I ever will. But here goes. Something shifted in my relationship with Jack last Sunday. I can tell you the… Continue reading When My Dog Became More Than “My Dog”

Countdown to ORT-Day 20

HOLY FREAKING COW…IT’S ONLY 20 DAYS TO OUR FIRST ORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay…big deep breath…that helped…one more…. Minor freak out today when I realized it’s only 20 days until mine and Jack’s first ORT (Odor Recognition Test). No biggie, right? Just my very first dog sport event as a handler EVER! One more big deep breath… Thankfully… Continue reading Countdown to ORT-Day 20