Reflections and Changes Upon Approaching Our 1 Year Nomadiversary

As we approach our one-year nomadiversary, we have been discussing what we’ve learned this year, what we would do differently, what we want to change right away. Lots to talk about, right? We both agree that we love the nomadic lifestyle and can’t imagine living another way. We’ve embraced our own kind of American Dream… Continue reading Reflections and Changes Upon Approaching Our 1 Year Nomadiversary

Lot Docking at Cracker Barrel

On our way to Florida earlier this month we lot docked at Cracker Barrel for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised. Since we moved into our camper in August 2020 we’ve been plugged in at campgrounds except for when moving to another campground. Due to the length of the drive to Florida from Middle… Continue reading Lot Docking at Cracker Barrel

Unexpectedly Falling in Love

I confess. I’ve never been attracted to Florida. I’ve never wanted to visit Florida. I kinda thought those who visit the beaches are sort of a cliche. So when Daniel said he wanted to go to Florida when we started RVing full time, I agreed just to be nice. And, you know, I try to… Continue reading Unexpectedly Falling in Love

Winter Storm February 2021

You know the Boy Scout motto? Well, we were not great Boy Scouts. We were most definitely not prepared. We moved from our campsite near Knoxville, Tennessee to a campground in southern Middle Tennessee on February 12. We knew a winter storm barreled toward the south central part of the country, but after checking multiple… Continue reading Winter Storm February 2021

Five Things We’ve Learned in our First Five Months of Full Time RV Life

This list makes it sound like we don’t love our camper and RV life. That’s not the case. We love our camper and our truck. It’s true we’ll love RV life more when it’s safe to travel again. But we are so grateful to be living our dream.  However, it is true that you don’t… Continue reading Five Things We’ve Learned in our First Five Months of Full Time RV Life

Settling in to RV Life

Now that we’re a month into our full time RV life. We are starting to settle in to living in a very small travel trailer. We’re learning to deal with not having separate rooms, except for the bathroom, and not having a bed available all the time since we have a Murphy bed. Adjusting to… Continue reading Settling in to RV Life