My It Works Update

I’ll be honest. My It Works business is not going at all as planned. I love the products I’m using. I’m super excited about them. But I have get to sign one loyal customer. 😦 I’m not sure what else to do? Okay, that’s a lie. There are several things I have not tried in… Continue reading My It Works Update

Observations While Scooping Poop

Sometimes in order to make unpleasant tasks tolerable, I let my mind wander, and wonder, while working. Scooping the dog poop out of the yard is one of those unpleasant tasks. Over the weekend I found myself making some interesting observations about how sometimes poop parallels life. Clean up your own messes Often, the fresher… Continue reading Observations While Scooping Poop

Reading, Writing, Facebook, and Dog Vomit

Catchy title-LOL! But seriously covers my weekend. Reading: need to catch up on my TBR stack/file. Books to finish. Books to start. Books to write a review for. Goal for the next week-finish Captives and read one other. Writing: gearing up for NANO. Trying to get out of my own mind about it. I really… Continue reading Reading, Writing, Facebook, and Dog Vomit