National Novel Writing Month

Happy November! Or National Novel Writing Month. Or NaNo. During November thousands of people around the world write like mad to accrue 50,000 words by the 30th. I’m one of those, this year. Way back in 2014 I completed this challenge. I’ve sort of half-heartedly tried in years since, but just didn’t do it. This… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month

My Friday Fave is reMarkable!

Y’all, I love my reMarkable 2 tablet. So many things about it are perfect for me. It’s lightweight. It’s easy to read in most light conditions. It’s file system makes sense. It’s versatile. It saves space. You get the idea. I first looked at this tablet based on the recommendation of my friend Kaye. She… Continue reading My Friday Fave is reMarkable!

Tower of Babel, Carrots, and Other Random Thoughts

So the other day my friend, Kaye, posted on her blog about a cool tablet she found. You can read her post here. First, I am BEYOND excited that she is writing fiction again. I can’t even describe how my JOY it gives me. I can’t imagine how she feels. Well, check that, maybe I… Continue reading Tower of Babel, Carrots, and Other Random Thoughts


So my personal goals are set for the year. But my writing goals have been in limbo. Until Thursday night, anyway. During my somewhat weekly writing meeting with Kaye I pretty much defined my #2017WritingGoal: I want to have a submission ready manuscript in one year. Big freaking goal. Gulp. Double gulp. But, when I break… Continue reading #2017WritingGoals

Sunday Reflection on #FirstDraft60

Every Sunday Kaye posts some questions for reflection on her blog. You can check out today’s post here. Today’s questions made me think hard about this challenge/project and about what place I want writing to have in my life. So I thought I’d share my answers here. What are your key responsibilities that cannot be put… Continue reading Sunday Reflection on #FirstDraft60